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Room Air Conditioners

Product Code: MPM41596 Brand: ‎Page Hodge
Specifications: Power: 18 W Winds speed: 3 modes (High / Medium / Low) Water tank capacity: 400ml Noise: In less than 63dB (A) Spray Time: 3-5 hours ..
Product Code: MPM41661 Brand: ‎Baboies
Product description Features:√There are few tips for the compact air cooler. First, the air conditioner fan is suitable for personal space. And the portable air conditioner cannot cool a large space. Second, you should keep the air cooler in balance and avoid tilting during working. 2/3 water of t..
Product Code: MPM41367
Product Features: 1. Multifunctional: It has the functions of refrigeration, humidification and air purification. Unlike another evaporative air cooler, it can prevent dry skin. The air is processed by a built-in filter, and then blows out clean and cool cold air, which also has a slight humidificat..
Product Code: MPM41443
Enjoy a cool summer with personal air conditioner fan! ①This is a small portable USB-powered air only works when it's plugged in an outlet or mobile power bank. ②It has 3 modes of Wind Speeds,you can adjusted (low/medium/high)wind speeds to meet your needs. ③Just add water and some ic..
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