Infinity Jars 1 Liter (34 fl oz) Tall Extra Large Black Ultraviolet Glass Wide Mouth Screw Top Jar

Brand: Infinity Jars
Product Code: JB1
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HIGH PERFORMANCE: Enhance Freshness of Coffee, Tea, Spices and Dried Goods

LABORATORY TESTED AND APPROVED, ULTRAVIOLET GLASS: Preserve and rejuvenate freshness of plant-based goods, for over 6 months! Blocks out all damaging visible light rays and only permit beneficial rays to enter. Delivers shockingly powerful and superior protection over other glassware.

START PRESERVING YOUR GOODS ORGANICALLY: Store goods chemical and preservative FREE- with confidence!

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Height 7.75"/ Diameter of Jar 3.62"/ Diameter of Opening 3" DRIED GOODS CAPACITY VARIES / HASSLE-FREE MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE! If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, within 30 days, please return your Infinity Jars for a no-questions asked, full refund (minus S&H)

Infinity Jars are lab-optimized Ultraviolet glass containers which slow down the decaying process of organic matter. They maintain the freshness of whatever you put inside. What sets Infinity Jars apart from other jars is that Infinity Jars block out harmful light rays while selectively filtering beneficial UV-A and infrared rays to preserve and sanitize your products. This is an innovation in the industry where your precious materials or ingredients are best preserved and protected for optimum condition.

Infinity Jars was founded by Tram, a practicing licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who wanted a solution to keep precious, rare, expensive Chinese herbs fresh for her patients' medical use. Tram eventually found myriad additional uses for the jars and bottles, and Infinity Jars grew quickly as customers discovered all of the potential benefits and applications of ultraviolet glass!

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