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IF you have a passion for cooking and you love to cook extra food, you can rest assure that your leftovers will be stored securely. The IPTC leak resistant cooking bags seal things up just about right. There are two sizes of cooking bags. Namely, the medium sized bags that are ideal for lunch and it can accommodate up to 50oz and the large bags on the other hand can be used to package larger portions. Package your food using airtight silicone food storage bags that can be placed in the freezer or in the microwave. Storage for any food: Liquids: soup, stock or sauce Solids: fruit & vegetables, dairy, ready & pre-cooked meals or meat Organic baby snacks Supplies for picnic, hiking or even camping Homemade cat & dog food or pet food on-the-go Safe and healthy to be used for your family - your leftover food will be safe due to the fact that it is BPA-free. It is also non-toxic and does not carry a unique taste neither will it retail stains or odours. The bags are all colour coded and carry unique features such as grathic icons. The enables you to categorize your food, ultimately preventing cross contamination. The best silicone storage bags in the world.

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