Shelf Floating Round Thickening Glass Storage Jar With Metal Buckle Sealed Jar Moisture-proof Fresh Glass Jar Storage Tank Storage Bottle 500ml.

Product Code: JB1994
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★Design: sealed leak-proof silicone ring, washable, leak-proof.

★Bottle design: stainless steel buckle, durable, not rusty, smooth lines, feel comfortable.

★Material: Glass and silicone ingenious combination of moisture-proof seal, it can effectively block the outside air entering, while the discharge of gas produced in the bottle.

★Multi-functional storage: very suitable for storing coffee, tea, biscuits, sugar, flour, spices, nuts, biscuits, corrosion-resistant, no taste, protect the complementary taste of each item.

★Note: Should not be used easily damaged cleaners, or sharp cleaning appliances; please hand wash, not suitable for dishwashers.

Product description:

Product Name: Glass storage tank

Material: borosilicate glass material

Product Capacity: 0.7L

Product Features: Store snacks / drinks / dried fruit and so on

Category: Storage Tanks

Burn temperature: high temperature blowing

Note: Do not rest in the sun exposure, or wipe with acidic liquid wipe, do not take sharp objects cut. Storage tank is fragile, please pay attention to the use of the environment, it should not be stacked with valuables.

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