Shelf Floating Thickening Glass Storage Jar Tea Sealed Jar Food Cans Bamboo Cover Storage Tank Glass Bottles 450ml / 600ml / 750ml. (Size : B)

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★Note: There may be some glass products, such as air bubbles and interface lines mark the process of phenomena such as bubble diameter in the range of 2mm is normal.

★Multi-purpose storage: It can seal fruits, vegetables, sugar, salt, snacks, tea, coffee beans and other daily necessities.

★Wood cover: wooden lid and the body fit, sealing aprons, so that glass cans better sealing.

★Material: Bottle made of borosilicate heat-resistant glass, high hardness, corrosion resistance, easy to clean, bright and transparent, sealed stainless steel.

★Process: It uses hand blowing process, soft and smooth body lines, curves to meet the sealing cover, smooth and round.

Product description:

Product Name: Thick glass storage tank

Material: glass

Product Features: Store snacks / drinks / dried fruit and so on

Category: Storage Tanks

Burn temperature: high temperature blowing

Matters needing attention: Please pay attention to the temperature difference when cleaning, do not pour the cold water into the boiled water first, especially in the winter when the temperature is low, in order to avoid rupture due to thermal expansion and contraction.

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