Glass Food Storage Containers with Lids by Sweetzer and Orange - Set of 4 Kitchen Canisters - Candy, Cookie, Rice and Spice Jars - Sugar or Flour Container - Big and Small Airtight Food Jar for Pantry

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TOO NICE TO BE HIDDEN AWAY: When it comes to kitchen storage containers you may have noticed there are many that are practical, but too ugly to be nothing more than “back of the pantry” storage. It’s not versatile enough, so we styled our Whoosh ’n’ Pop glass canister set for the bench top too!

AIRTIGHT BAMBOO LIDS: Not just attractive, you’ll love that the bamboo lids are 100% air tight containers for food! As you place the lid, listen for the unique “Whoosh” noise, and the well-loved “Pop!” as the hermetic seal releases. That’s the satisfying sound of fresher food!

4 MULTI-USE SIZES: Your set contains four 3.9” wide glass jars with lids and different heights. 3.9” for coffee, tea, spice, salt or sugar container. 5.9” for nuts, seeds and candy jar. 7.9” for a good wholegrains, beans, or rice container, while the 11” is great for pasta, flour and a cookie jar!

STRONG ‘SPACE SHUTTLE’ GLASS: Your glass containers are made from 3mm thick Borosilicate Glass (BPA and lead free). Thicker than other food jars, it’s the same type of glass used on space shuttles and lab glassware. Each glass jar can be stored in the fridge.

CUSTOMER SERVICE POLICY: We’ve taken the greatest care to package your Whoosh ‘n’ Pop Jars securely, but we understand accidents happen – so contact us immediately if any Whoosh ‘n’ Pop arrives less than perfect. You’ll also get our 12-Month Money Back Guarantee. Let’s get organized in style and order now!

If it’s time to get organized, then it’s time to do it with style. Kitchen jars may not be the most exciting thing to talk about, but that was then. Because if you want a jar that keeps food extra fresh without being an eyesore, then it’s time to start talking about Whoosh ‘n’ Pop.

You’re not OCD (or maybe you are, we are too!), but when it comes to kitchen storage, not only does it need to fit, but it also has to look good too, right?

Storage doesn’t just belong in the pantry; bench tops want to look smart too. But more importantly, and as all pro-organizers and tidy-uppers know - things just look neater with a more beautiful jar. Even in the pantry!

And that’s why we styled our airtight Whoosh ’n’ Pop Jars to be practical, beautiful and the tidiest ever seen.

Combining the elegance of natural bamboo, and a strong suction rubber seal, we custom designed a lid that’s not only attractive, but also hermetically sealed!

… listen closely and you’ll hear it too.

As you place the lid, listen for the “Whoosh” noise! And when you release the hermetic seal, you’ll hear the well-loved “Pop”! That’s the satisfying sound of fresher food.

It’s also a relief to finally discard those containers that collect dishwater in their squishy airlock handle lids.

While we don’t suggest throwing your jars around, because they can break, we can say they’re one of the strongest you’ve seen.

Each Whoosh ‘n’ Pop is made from 3mm thick Borosilicate Glass. This BPA, lead free glass is thicker than other food jars! But not only that, it’s the same type of durable glass used on space shuttles and lab glassware. So of course, your jars are dishwasher safe and fridge safe too.

… But don’t cook with them! They’re not shaped for it!

Go ahead and start planning your coordinated food selection now, each Whoosh ‘n’ Pop jar is 10 centimeters (about 3.9 inches) wide, and your set contains four practical sizes:*

· 785ml / 26.5 oz. jar, 10 centimeters tall (about 3.9 inches) for coffee, tea, spices, salt, sugar and other fine foods.

· 1.175L / 39.75 oz. jar, 15 centimeters tall (about 5.9 inches) for things like nuts, seeds and candy, of course!

· 1.57L / 53 oz. jar, 20 centimeters tall (about 7.9 inches) for wholegrains, beans, legumes, and rice.

· 2.2L / 74.4 oz jar, 28 centimeters tall (about 11 inches) for pasta, flour, snacks and cookies.

*Filled, including stopper from lid.

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