X-cosrack 3 Tier Stackable Spice Holder Storage Rack with 18 Glass Empty Jars & 48 Labels Freestanding Black Frosted Iron Seasoning Condiment Display Shelf 13.4

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【Multi Function】- The spice rack can hold the condiment bottles or various seasoning jars, keep area tidy; Specially designed iron rack keep bottles stable and prevent wobbling, tilting, or falling.

【Prevent Scratches Design】- Frosted surface to prevent scratches, iron material make the spice rack not easy to deform and stable. The rack no need to install, you just stacked it. You can put it horizontally or vertically, even hanging on the wall.

【Stackable】- The spice rack shelf is the layered design, used alone or stacked according to your own need and idea. And you can put it in the cabinet or tabletop, maximize your storage space. 1 set can hold 18 bottles, 3 rows x 6

【Package Contain】- 3 separate iron rack frames, you can stack it.18 glass jars. The bottles all have the aluminum cover and the plastic inner cover. The aluminum cover will not rust and keep sealed; The plastic inner cover have the big exit to ensures that the large grain seasoning can also be poured out. 2 stickers, One with the name of the seasoning, the other one is blank, you can write anything on it.

【Product Parameters】- Single layer size: 13.4"L x4.4"W x3.0 "H; 3 layers size: 13.4"L x4.4"W x 8.4"H. Color: black iron fram+transparent empty glass jar.

If you are still upset about the lack of seasonings storage bottle in your home, or because of the mess caused
by the accumulation of cruet, you can try this spice rack set. It is contain the jar and the shelf, which can help
you to solve these problems.

Black (iron frame) & Transparent (empty glass jar)

Single layer:16"L x7.0"W x 3.0"H
3 layers: 13.4"L x4.4"W x 8.4"H
The glass jars: 1.73''D x 3.7''H

Spice Rack Design Points
1. This spice rack can hold up to 18 bottles. Each diameter of the bottle to be less than or equal to 1.73 inch.
2. Space-saving design allows this wine rack to be placed wherever any size allows, such as kitchen, countertop,
tabletop, restaurant even in the cabinet.
3. Iron structure make the spice storage rack have better stability and durability. The iron wire in the middle
of the shelf holds the bottle well and the can avoid it falling.
4. 1 set seasoning holder rack contain 3 separate iron shelf, just stack them according your need. You can just
put single layer or 2 layers on the tabletop to display your spice bottles, and you can also stack 3 layer
rack in the cabinet to organize your jars and then make it be tidy.
5. You can place the seasoning rack vertically, it will be stable. You can also hang it on the wall
(The package doesn't come with nails, you need to prepare it yourself)

1. Please measure the size of the place where the spice holder rack is placed and compare it with the spice rack
size to see if the wine rack matches your position.
2. The package doesn't contain the nails, if you want to hang it on the wall, you must prepare them youself.
3.If you found that the outer cover of the glass jar can not screw tight, please check is the plastic inner cover
be covered tight.

Package Contain
Installation manual
3 iron frame
18 glass bottles
2 stickers

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