4pcs 250ml Wide Mouth Square Glass Jar - Airtight Storage Jar with wood Bamboo Lid Medium Jar Perfect for Beans, Jelly, Storing and Canning Use
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4pcs 250ml Wide Mouth Square Glass Jar - Airtight Storage Jar with wood Bamboo Lid Medium Jar Perfect for Beans, Jelly, Storing and Canning Use

Product Code: JBH62-16-04
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*Elegant Countertop Storage: This Jars are perfect for storing frequently used food or other household items on your counter or pantry. Counter storage is not only convenient but also a gorgeous new kitchen trend. The jar’s design also makes it a decorative element for non-canning needs. Use it as a gift container for sweets and nuts or a base for candles.

*Airtight Wood bamboo lid: The airtight bamboo lid keeps moisture away from the food or other contents in the jar. The clear glass also allows you to find the jar contents needed easily.

*Perfect for Pantry: This Jars are a perfect way to organize your pantry. The clear glass allows you to easily find what you are looking for, the thick glass walls give them extra durability and the various sizes available ensure that there is a jar available to fit all your storing needs!

*Large Capacity: Tall and stout, this multifunctional jar is great for storing and canning Extra-Large portions that’ll last for months and even years! Ideal for gifting your creations or just having extras in your pantry or fridge.

*100% Satisfaction Guaranty: We give you our commitment that we have strived and succeeded to bring the finest materials and products to you, our dear customers. We are confident that you will be 100% satisfied. We stand behind our products and offer 100% money back guarantee should you not be completely satisfied

The food storage jar is good for storing dry food and can be used as a glass coffee jar, tea storage canister, nuts container, candy Jar, or any other dry food item. The jar is also good for storing different household items.


  • Airtight Lid
    The leak-proof metal lid keeps air and excessive moisture out, extending the shelf-life and freshness of food.
  • High Quality Glass
    Made of premium soda-lime glass, these jars offer years of dependable durability by resisting shattering and cracking.
  • Dish washer Safe
    The heavy-duty glass jar is easy to clean and safe for infinite cycles in the dishwasher.
  • Canning
    Can and preserve huge portions of your favorite fruits and veggies like carrots, asparagus, pears, tomatoes, peppers, and so much more
  • Food Storage
    A great place to store oats, flour, sugar, dog food, or snacks! You can also store pizza sauce, salsa, gazpacho, broth, and maple syrup in the jars too!

Easy Fill and Empty

The jar’s great, wide opening makes it easy to fill the jar with large fruits and vegetables and even easier to get the contents out. Hefty veggies like cucumbers, artichokes, and bell peppers don’t need to be cut down much in order to fit in.

Easy Visibility

Contents inside the jar are visible and quickly identifiable for easy “grab and go” of the ingredients that you need. It also makes it convenient to check on the status of your fruits and veggies as they go through the fermenting process.

Fresher Food for Longer

A rustic, shabby, and chic way of storing store-bought or homemade fresh food, ensuring a longer shelf-life and ensuring dry foods retain their crispness for longer.

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