Beauty America Youth Lock, Advanced Anti-Aging Stem Cell Hydrating Serum, 1 fl oz, Off-white

Product Code: JB32929
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Reduce Appearance Of Fine Lines

Reduce Wrinkle Depth

Significantly Restore Moisture

Style Name: Serum Our clinically proven Stem Cell Hydrating Serum significantly reduces the appearance of wrinkle depth. Formulated with a proprietary combination of naturally derived Plant Stem Cell extract and a blend of Peptides, which help suppress collagen breakdown and rejuvenate skin. Its light texture absorbs instantly into skin for immediate hydration. CLINICALLY PROVEN RESULTS 93%-Reported moisture was restored to skin and 90%-reported skin appeared smoother after just 2 weeks, and 97%-reported skin was substantially hydrated after 8 weeks. Based on clinical testing and consumer use evaluation data when used as directed. Makes skin appear brighter and healthier. Provides intense hydration, which promotes firmness and boosts radiance, making skin look smoother and younger. Ideal for day and night use.

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