3.15 x 11 Inch Spaghetti Container, 38 OZ Airtight Glass Pasta Canister & Jar, Seal Pot with Clear Glass & Bamboo Lid, Kitchen Corner & Cabinet Organization, Dispenser for Cereal, Flour, Liquid

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Large Size →→ 11 inch high and 3.15 inch wide. Our tall air tight pantry is suitable for spaghetti noodle and pasta. With large capacity, this sealed food storage canister is also suitable for coffee beans, flour and other food.

Premium Quality →→ This storage container is made from food grade durable high borosilicate glass. The crystal clear container has been tested to be strong and durable enough for long-lasting use. The storage container will be space efficient for optimal counter top and pantry organization.

Versatile Uses →→ This container is useful for storing dry foods--pasta, grain, cereals, beans, snacks, coffee, tea and more. It is also good for liquids such as water, soup, juice and so on.

Secure Lid-Lock →→ Each container is equipped with an airtight sealing lid. The lid-lock system sealing can not only keep the food dry and fresh but also prevent them spilling out. It provides maximum freshness and prolonged food storage. With it, your health is perfectly guaranteed.

Easy to Wash & Warranty →→ To wash the container thoroughly, you just need to wash with soap and rinse water. If you receive a cracked container, please contact us and we will send you a new replacement.

ϣϣϣ Product Specification
Size: 3.15 x 11 inch
Material: high borosilicate glass
Design: transparent jar & bamboo lid
Package: pack-1

ϣϣϣ Further Introduction
Food-Graded Material ↓↓
Made from toxin-free high borosilicate glass, our durable storage canister is safe for storing cereal, flour, rice, sugar, noodles, coffee beans and more. No worries about harmful substances seeping into your food.

Secure Airtight Sealing ↓↓
Silicone gasket on the bamboo lip keeps air out, creating an airtight environment to keep your food fresh and dry for a long time. Thanks to fine workmanship, you can open or close the glass canisters smoothly.

See-Through and Space-Efficient Design ↓↓
There is no need to guess what is inside your canister sets any more since crystal clear glass allows for easy monitoring and identification. It is ideal to save space for your cabinet and pantry organization.

Look Sleek on the Counter ↓↓
With a beautiful lid and clear body, the canister container always fits well on your kitchen counter because of its simple and sleek appearance. When you need to do some cooking, you will immediately catch it and start your cooking journey.

ϣϣϣ After-Sold Service
If you receive a cracked container, please contact us and we will send you a new replacement.

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