2 oz Premium Borosilicate Clear Glass Jars with Bamboo Silicone Sealed Lid (12 Pack) + Labels
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2 oz Premium Borosilicate Clear Glass Jars with Bamboo Silicone Sealed Lid (12 Pack) + Labels

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*Includes 12 - 2 oz Premium Glass Jars with Bamboo Lid + Labels, for herbs, spices, coffee, nuts, seeds and more.

*These jars are made of Borosilicate Glass making it extremely durable and resistant to chemicals and high heat.

*The bamboo lid has a silicone suction liner to ensure an airtight seal that locks out moisture and air for maximum freshness.

*These glass containers are thermal shock resistant making it easy to switch between hot and cold contents without cracking.

*Charming style jar to ensure your products stand out on your bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom counter tops.

Borosilicate jars are aesthetically pleasing and are the new alternative to common glass jar for storing your items. The glass is beautifully crafted and can withstand heat, thermal shock, and chemical compounds better than standard soda lime glass.

Borosilicate glass is more durable and has better optical clarity than traditional soda lime glass. The glass also has a higher thermal shock resistance, meaning, when encountering rapid change in temperature, the glass has better resistance to cracking and breaking. The glass is also better resistant to strong chemicals as this is the same type of glass found in chemistry labs.

The Bamboo closure seals your products in our borosilicate jars beautifully. Each top has an air tight suction ring around the closure keeping your products fresh and enclosed.

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