HOUSIYU Candy Jar Glass with Lid Pharmacist Jar, Suitable for Snack Cereal Storage, Wedding Decoration Candy Self-Service Center, Three-Piece Suit

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A set of 3 elegantly hand-blown glass pots, each of which is different in shape and size, with a unique design and a detachable lid.

Dimensions (in top cover) A: 32X8.5CM / B: 32X9.5CM / C: 21X11CM

Transparent glass makes it easy to see the contents of the can without removing the lid.

Suitable for decoration, such as flowers, fruits, sand and shells, as well as other dry decorations, or for edible items such as dry pasta, cereals, candies, biscuits, fruits, etc.

Ideal for wedding gifts or bathroom accessories, making it a stylish addition to any space.

Elegant glass pharmacist bottle cap - high glass jar - home decor and party wedding center collection (3 piece set) designer decoration.
Product Name: Candy Can
Material: glass
Specifications: reference picture
Capacity: 1L/1.7L/0.8L
Uses: desktop decorative ornaments storage
1. Glass bottle, be careful not to collide with heavy objects and fall
2. Do not use metal or rough decontamination powder when cleaning, so as not to scrape the vase body and cover surface, affecting the appearance
3 Do not approach the burning stove to prevent the bottle and cover from being damaged and deformed by heat.
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