Glass Jars With Sealed Lids,Clear Glass Food Storage container with Black Brushed Metal lids,100 OZ(Set of 3)

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100oz clear mason jars (set of 3 packs) is enough for your various food storage. The practical capacity allows you to store coffee beans, oats, cotton or personal belongings.

The black metal lid gives it an excellent airtightness to keep food fresh, whether its filled with liquid or solid, its the best household choice. Perfect for beans, oats, peanuts and so on.

Clear galss body with regular mouth is enough to pass with one hand, easy to take things out and clean. Ideal for the storage of personal belongings, candy, cookies and cotton.

The whole jar is made of food-grade materials, durable and reusable, clean and non-toxic, won’t leach harmful chemicals into foods or absorb flavors after multiple uses.

Clean-up is a breeze! Hand wash suggested, you can wash them with soap and hot water, the smooth glass inner wall wont take up too much cleaning time.

Package Quantity: 3 Jars

Lids: 3 Lids

Color: Clear

Capacity: Each jar 100oz (liquid volume)


Wide Mouth: The wide mouth allowing easy access with one's hand or preferred kitchen utensil.

Easily Identify the Contents:You'll never worry again about can not find your food.

Pleasant Aesthetic Appeal

Dishwasher safe, so easy to clean!

Multi Purpose Containers: 3 mason jars fulfill your every need! These Jars are perfect for for Storing Cereal, Spaghetti, Pickles, Pastas, Flour,Sugar, Rice, treats, Candy, Coffee k-cup pods, Coffee beans, perfect for kitchen, living room, bath and any occasion! Order your jar set today!

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