Mason Jar Shaped Storage Bags Reusable Cute Zipper Bags Ziplock Secure Two Attractive Designs Pack of 9 Bags Handy Size POP Jar Shape Food Snack reuseable Saver (Tropical Palm Leaves)

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HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: The storage bags are made up of high-quality material that is non-tearable and keeps your food fresh for long. The bags do not corrode and are easy to wash also. The best quality material for kitchen storage makes it a must-have item in every kitchen.

ZIPLOCK SECURE: The Mason Jar shaped bags are safe to use as they come with a zip lock. Now you don’t have to worry about food spilling or food going bad. These Storage bags will keep your food/things safe and seal for long. You can take the plastic bags while traveling, keep them in parties or use them daily in the kitchen, they will never disappoint you.

ATTRACTIVE DESIGN: Mason Jar pattern Storage Bags also comes in attractive designs. Say bye-bye to your old boring glass jars and bring these fun and fashion bags to your kitchen. The colorful donuts design is best to put snacks for children and elegant leaf design would look attractive in your kitchen. It also makes them the best gift for someone.

APPROPRIATE SIZE: Mason Jar shaped Bags are not only attractive but are also handy. They come in appropriate sizes for the storage of various things in the kitchen. The Small Bag of 6*4 inches, a Medium Bag of 7.7x5.3 inches and the Large Bag is 9.7x6.6 inches.

PACK OF NINE: Mason Jar shaped reuseable Bags comes in an affordable and handy pack of nine for each purchase. You will get four small, three medium and two large bags for each purchase so you never get short of bags in daily use.

Are you fed up with your glass jars that don’t fit everywhere? Need something to carry your food while traveling? Then say goodbye to your boring glass jars and bring Mason Storage Bags in your kitchen.

Mason jar shapped storage bags are made with high-quality material that is non-tearable and does not corrode. It keeps your food fresh and prevents it from going bad. Say no to food spilling with the bags as they also contain ziplock which makes them resealable airtight and does not let any food spill out. That is why they qualify as your perfect travel or picnic buddy. Storage bags are super handy and also easy to clean. They fit in every storage cabinet, rack or fridge door giving you maximum storage space. Mason Jar shaped Storage Bags are not only super handy but are very attractive, fun and fashion. They come in two designs, the colorful donut pattern that is also likable for kids and the elegant leaf pattern that makes it a pretty storage option.

The size of the reusable bags is also appropriate according to every kitchen need. The bags come in three different sizes, small, medium and large:

The small bag is 15 cm x 10.2 cm (6*4 inches)

The medium one is 19.8 cm x 13.5 cm (7.7*5.3 inches)

The large bag is 24.8 cm x 16.9 cm (9.7*6.6 inches)

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